Architectural Building Regulations


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Black Horse Run has been planned and designed to be a most distinctive and unique community in the North Durham area. Only the best architecture, design, and aesthetic features will be approved in order to create a community which individual tastes will not be sacrificed, but blended in such a way that overall property values will be protected. To accomplish these goals, these regulations have been established.

An Architectural Review Committee composed of property owners will establish, review, and implement these regulations. Theses regulations contain a list of specific minimum requirements to be followed, the very nature of design is a somewhat arbitrary process and not an exact science. Consequently, the review committee will be making judgements based on these regulations and individual situations. No two sites are alike and a design on one site in not necessarily appropriate on another.

These design concepts and regulations for Black Horse Run are based on a synthesis of the best features of several other successful communities. These concepts and regulations have been developed in order to provide each buyer the maximum protection for, and assurance of, the longevity of their investment.


The design of the house itself is, of course, most important. Massing of various elements, such as garages and chimney, proportions of windows in relation of solid walls, finishes, colors, roof pitch, etc. must be carefully considered. The following list highlights specific restrictions which will be rigidly enforced in Black Horse Run in order to implement the concepts outlined above.

New Homes

All plans for a new house must be submitted to the committee chairman, and the plans approved by 3 members of the review committee, before any ground breaking is done. The following must accompany the plans for approval to be made:

  • $ 500.00 construction deposit

  • $ 75.00 for mailbox post

  • Site Plan

  • Copy of septic plan approved by the County

  • Construction application and agreement

  • Materials list

    Approval will be made in writing, after the Black Horse Run Treasurer has confirmed that there are no outstanding dues. This approval is valid until December 31 of the year issued. Houses not started within that year must have their plans resubmitted. The plans will remain on file with the Black Horse Run Homeowners Association, Inc. to ensure compliance. The $500.00 construction deposit will be refunded when the following conditions have been met. The certificate of occupancy has been issued. Roads in the proximity of the building site must be clean and in good repair. Disturbed road shoulders in area of the building site should be graded and seeded. Driveway is complete. Constructions site must be cleared of debris and minimum landscaping must be complete. Any costs for clean up or repair will be deducted from building deposit. If construction repair exceeds the five hundred dollars ($500.00), then the Association shall have the right to make the needed repairs and bill the excess cost to the lot owner.


  1. Plans must be submitted for approval for changes to the exterior of any existing house. These include additions and color changes. If you are unsure, ASK a committee member. A road deposit will be required if heavy construction equipment is required for the project.

  2. Plans must be submitted for approval for the following structures: porches, outbuildings, barns, fences, gazebos, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. A road deposit will be required if heavy construction equipment is required.

  3. All plans submitted for approval must be drawn by an architect or design service, and should meet prevailing building codes. All proposed changes to the plans must be incorporated as a part of the drawing - no penciled or sketched changes.

  4. Minimum square footage requirements are listed in the Restrictive Covenants, please refer to these for minimums. These will be monitored in the actual construction phase and only heated square footage should be included in the total.

  5. Driveways must be paved with asphalt, concrete, brick, or exposed aggregate concrete within one year of the completion of the house. During house construction, driveway must be covered with gravel to keep roadways clean.

  6. Walks of wood decks, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, etc., that are designed as an integral part of the house and landscape must be provided from the driveway to the front door. Loose flagstone "dropped" on top on the ground in an ill-designed pattern is not acceptable.

  7. All houses must incorporate minimum landscaping. This includes covering all disturbed soil with sod, seed, pine straw, wood chips, or pea stone.

  8. Freestanding storage sheds, workshops, barns, etc., must be designed and located as an integral part of the house, service yard, and landscape design.

  9. Doghouses, playhouses, gazebos, and porch railing must be painted or stained to blend with the house and/or natural landscaping.

  10. Fencing will be evaluated on an individual basis. Factors taken into consideration include height, visibility, and style of fence in relation to the architecture of the house. All fence proposals must include a site plan showing current location of existing structures with the proposed fencing area drawn in, as well as a picture or drawing of the fence structure, and an accurate description including materials to be used, height and color.

  11. All front porch steps must be of brick or stone.

  12. No unpainted or natural mill-finish aluminum or galvanized finish is permitted, e.g. storm doors, windows, etc.

  13. Exposed foundations must be brick, stucco, or stone and incorporated in the foundation structure.

  14. All homes must be stained or painted. Clear stain finish is not allowed; semi-transparent stains are encouraged. Exterior colors must be approved prior to finish. Extremely bright, offensive, or "jarring" colors will be denied.

  15. No house may be repeated within view of each other in the same neighborhood unless the exteriors are substantially different in design.

  16. No specific architectural styles will be imposed. All architectural styles will be examined with the exception of a unique style such as domes, log cabins, underground homes, etc.

  17. No prefabricated homes may be erected.

  18. Materials list must be specified. If no materials list is specified, materials must be detailed on the plan submitted for approval. Specifically: siding, roofing, foundation, chimney materials, etc.

  19. Active and passive solar applications will be considered. Solar systems are responsive solutions to future conservation of energy and increased cost of utilities. All designs must be aesthetically consistent with the architecture.

  20. Chimney construction must be brick or stone.

  21. Natural gas or propane tank must be in rear of house, either buried or screened from view, including all neighbors. A BHR approved screening diagram is available from the Architectural Review Committee.

  22. Satellite dishes must be placed behind the house and screened from view of all neighbors and the street.

  23. Garages shall be attached to the residence, shall be constructed only on one side or rear of the residence and shall have only a rear or side entrance. All garages to be constructed in substantial architectural conformity with the construction of the residence.

Any architectural requests that are not specifically covered in this set of regulation will be placed before the Architectural Committee and decided upon taking into consideration the interest of Black Horse Run. The ultimate goal of the committee is to strive for a high degree of aesthetic value while maintaining certain minimum standards. We as a committee hope this set of regulations is sufficient to prevent any confusion before, during and after construction of your residence.

Architectural regulations were developed on January 26, 1989 and are subject to amendment. (Revised May 9, 1995)